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Formulated for you by us.

BODY: From our sumptuous body butters which we call 'Buttercreams' and body scrubs which we call 'Exfoliating Polish'. Used together or separately will leave your skin soft and radiant. 

HAIR: Our luxurious haircare products redefine your tresses with moisture, shine and growth.

MAN: Mens grooming is on our list as well, made with rich ingredients to define your daily beard routine. 

BABY: Infused with botanical oils and butters, our Baby Buttercream delivers pure nourishment for your baby's sensitive skin.

TATTOO: We like to call TATT is an inkgaurd balm that heals and protects new and old tattoos. 

We have a collection for everyone! 



Your journey to bodycare and haircare confidence begins here. Elevate Your Game With Moisturizing Ingredients.

Formulated For You By Us.